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TV Appearances

February 23, 2009  Eye on the Bay - Sandwich Crawl (CBS5)

Russell Deutsch owner of the Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City introduces Brian Hackney from "Eye on the Bay" to the ultimate lobster roll. Click on this link to watch the episode segment: Watch Video >>

January 21, 2008  The View from the Bay (ABC7)

Watch Russell Deutsch present his receipe for Lobster Cakes on ABC7's The View From The Bay. Click on this link to watch the entire episode: Watch Video >>

November 2, 2007  Check, Please! Bay Area (KQED)

Hosted by Leslie Sbrocco, Check, Please! Bay Area is a new local series featuring regular people reviewing Bay Area restaurants. Click on this link to watch the entire episode: Watch Video >>

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December 31, 2006 San Jose Mercury News

"Here, in no particular order, are my favorites from the Silicon Valley restaurants I reviewed in 2006."

April 21, 2006  San Francisco Chronicle

" A lighthouse with a rotating beam stands in the back corner, and diners eat from lacquered picnic benches next to fishing floats and maps of Maine's coast"

May 2006 San Francisco Magazine

" A stickler for authenticity, Deutsch brought in white birch picnic tables from Allagash, Maine, and kegs of that state...

It's the closest thing to the Atlantic you'll find so near to the Pacific. "

July 30, 2006 The Mercury News

Lobster shack provides taste of East Coast


By Aleta Watson

Mercury News

"There's not a trace of salt in the air. No flocks of sea gulls wheel and cry overhead.

It takes an extremely active imagination to transport the Old Port Lobster Shack from Redwood City to the Maine shore. Still, the prospect of authentic lobster rolls has been attracting East Coast transplants to this new restaurant since it opened in January.

Lobster roll models

The real attractions, though, are the lobster rolls ($17.75), upscale sandwiches erved on specially baked, grilled bread similar to hot dog buns. Nothing gets in the way of the pure, sweet flavor of pristinely fresh crustacean in these simple sandwiches. They're highlighted with a little melted butter or mayo and green onion, and a squeeze of lemon.

Boston native and former lobster exporter Russell Deutsch says he began planning the 48-seat restaurant when he was preparing to move to the Bay Area from Maine in 2001. He recalls going to a baseball game in Oakland and being surprised by the crowds of Red Sox fans. With so many people here from the East Coast, he was sure there would be a market for the seafood he grew up eating....

In his quest for authenticity, he ordered white birch picnic tables for seating from a manufacturer in Allagash, Maine, and tracked down baking pans for the essential top-loading hot dog buns he couldn't find here. Then he recruited a baker in San Carlos to make the rolls fresh daily.

Deutsch flies in the seafood and cooks it in-house along with all the soups, salads and sauces. His only concession to West Coast tastes is the sourdough bread he offers with the chowders and mussels.

Friendly service

Service is casual, but the staff is friendly and engaging. From the young man ringing up orders to the cooks in white chef's jackets delivering a picture-perfect lobster to the table, everyone appears pleased to see you.....

The creamy New England-style clam chowder ($4.75 a cup/$9.50 a bowl) was sweet with clams and dotted with bits of carrot. Lobster bisque ($6.74 a cup/$11.75 a bowl), on the other hand, was too thin -- nearly a broth -- although the flavor was nice....

Yet the proletarian rolls stole the show. There's something addictive about the combo of big chunks of sweet lobster meat and a humble hot dog bun grilled with butter until lightly crisp on the edges. You could debate forever whether the lobster is better ``naked'' with melted butter on the side or dressed lightly with mayonnaise, lemon juice and slivers of green onion. Either way, it's a treat.

If you still have room for dessert, the Shack offers a respectable blueberry pie a la mode ($5) and a crunchy-topped blueberry bread pudding made with leftover lobster roll buns ($5). In addition, there's vanilla ice cream with maple syrup -- from Maine, of course.

April 10, 2006 MESH Magazine

"There, you can get your lobster East Coast style (East Side represent!)—on a plate with drawn butter and lemon (and taters and veggies) or in a roll. "

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Online Reviews

Old Port Lobster Shack
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July 15, 2009  Ambrosia Quest

"Perfection in Redwood City. Now, that is my idea of good old fashioned slow, fast food."
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July 12, 2009  My Weekend Passport

"If you want one of the most amazing lobster sammiches out there, you must visit Old Port Lobster Shack and get your lobster roll on."
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November 2, 2007  Check, Please! Bay Area (KQED)

"At the Old Port Lobster Shack, they keep it simple, they keep it fresh, and they keep it good." Hosted by Leslie Sbrocco, Check, Please! Bay Area is a new local series featuring regular people reviewing Bay Area restaurants. Click on this link to watch the entire episode: read article >

October 10, 2007

"This is a place to hang out, chow down and enjoy pristine seafood in a fun, unprissy setting. Plus, there's no better place to congregate after watching a Red Sox game on TV."
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July 15, 2007 Bay Area Bites

"For those who'd like a taste without boarding a plane, there's at least one place you can nurse your bug cravings. It's not quite the same as your favorite shack in Harpswell or Thomaston, but Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City boasts the closest thing to Down East eating in these parts."
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June 30, 2006 Beverly Dubrin's Where-to-Guide

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Click here to see the entire publication (PDF)

April 11, 2007 Torosushi

"This place is freakin' amazing. I think the lobster roll just might beat out everything I've ever had in San Francisco -- during this trip, previous trips, and my 5 years of living there. Those of you who know me know that I'm always aiming to get a "food experience"... I love trying new types flavors, and I'm absolutely amazed when chefs can put something together so complex yet harmonious. But sometimes, you don't need to complicate a dish to make it good. If the quality is good, it'll speak for itself. I think that's why I love sushi so much -- because it's so simple and pure. So is the case with the lobster roll at Old Port Lobster Shack.

This was my first time having steamers -- gotta wash out the sand first and then dip in butter (HELLO). I had some trouble at first getting the brown layer off of the foot of the clam, but I got the hang of it eventually. I'm such a West Coaster.. haha. [...] The lobster macaroni and cheese was tasty and not as rich as I thought it would be. Most importantly, fresh lobster chunks on top.

LOBSTER ROLLS!! I admit, I'm not usually a huge fan of lobster. I mean, I like it, but I don't go out of my way to get it. In fact, I've always liked the Chinese-style lobster more than the American preparations. Well, until I tried OP's lobster roll. It looks simple, and the beauty of it is that it IS simple. No gimmicks.. nothing to mask the flavors. The one closest to the camera is the Naked Lobster Roll and the one further back is the Maine Lobster Roll (mixed with Hellman's mayo, green onions, salt & pepper). They fly in lobsters from the East Coast several times a week, so they're always fresh. And I've been told that they have their buttered New England top-loading hot dog buns freshly baked.

To give you an idea of how good it was... I actually felt sad when I had only one bite left. I let out a big sigh in remembrance of the good times.. the first bite.. the subsequent bites.. oh, juicy lobster... For those of you in the Bay Area... you're really missing out if you haven't visited this place yet. If I was up there, my cholesterol level would be off the charts. And I just might be okay with it. It's that good."
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April 10, 2006 Confessions of a Restaurant Whore

"This was the food of our childhoods, food that plays into thousands of our memories. We can't wait to go back so we can plow through the rest of the menu, which includes all manner of fried seafoods and fish pleasures. For this Boston girl and Jersey boy, OPLS has brought us home."

August 01, 2006  A Taste of the Suburbs

"Birthday Dinner"

"I celebrated a birthday not too long ago, and Jon gave me the option of dining anywhere my heart (and stomach) desired. So where did we go? The Old Port Lobster Shack. Yes, I know I've written about my OPLS dining experiences before (not once, but twice). But during this visit, in addition to the outstanding naked lobster roll, I ordered the fried Ipswich clams for the first time".... The clams portion, which also comes with a helping of fries, is rather generous. Between Jon and I, we actually didn't even finish them off. I sat there for a while after devouring my lobster roll, hoping to make more room in my tummy for those remaining clams. But no go."

November 17 , 2006 Chowhound Message Board

"I've never had a lobster roll in New England or any other place, so this is one of those "I know what I like" reviews and I liked it a lot.."

October 12, 2006 Food Notebook

"Go naked! No silly, I don’t mean that you should walk in with only your birthday suit on. Rather, this admonishment means go for the naked lobster roll in order to drench it with melted butter. Yum!"

June 6, 2006 Chowhound Message Board

" Service was quick; our food was at our table barely 5 minutes after ordering ....Also, they've expanded their hours, which is welcome news. I can't wait to go back again, hopefully it will be less than 4 months til my next visit."

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